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Our Mission

Terraffirm was established to address the social and economic disruption that will be caused by an increase in average global temperature resulting from the increased greenhouse effect caused primarily by the burning of fuels.

Fighting Fire with Fire

Prescribed fire is the most efficient fuel reduction treatment used to remove or reduce dense vegetation that is fuel for wildfires. Dense vegetation can create intense fires that burn quickly and endanger nearby communities.


Optimizing Forests
to Reduce Emissions

When plant matter decays carbon is re-released into the atmosphere. We're researching techniques to slow that process and keep carbon sequestered. 

Our Projects


Wood Stack Preservation

An experiment to determine the rate of decomposition of wood in slash piles as it relates to stack foundation, design, and cover type.


Carbon Sequestration in Marginal Lands

An investigation of the feasibility of using existing or genetically modified plant communities to store carbon in the soil in lands unsuitable for crops.


Carbon Sequestration through Wood Burial

Experiments to determine the rate of decomposition of wood buried in the soil.


Prescribed Fire Metrics of Success

A project to educate and advocate for the use of biochar production in hazardous fuels reduction treatments

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