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The Yale Carbon Containment Lab

The Yale Carbon Containment Lab (CC Lab), recognizing the need for carbon removal, seeks to develop and implement safe and novel methods of removing and containing atmospheric carbon at scale and at low cost. To achieve implementation and adoption, the Lab combines scientific expertise with economic and business insight to design practicable business plans and pull together talented management and environmentally concerned funding.

Terraffirm’s field experiments on wood burial and wood stacks are being conducted in cooperation with the CC Lab.

Point Blue

Firefighters United for Safety, Ethics & Ecology

FUSEE strives to inform and empower fire management workers and their citizen supporters to become Torchbearers for Ecological Fire Management.


Point Blue 
Conservation Science

Point Blue’s 160 scientists work to reduce the impacts of climate change, habitat loss, and other environmental threats while developing nature-based solutions to benefit both wildlife and people.

NorCal Prescribed Fire

Northern California Prescribed Fire Council

The Northern California Prescribed Fire Council serves as a venue for practitioners, state and federal agencies, academic institutions, tribes, coalitions and interested individuals to work collaboratively to promote, protect, and expand the responsible use of prescribed fire in Northern California's fire adapted landscapes.


Terraffirm supports the Council’s policy advocacy related to the prescribed bums as a tool to promote healthy ecosystems and protect against catastrophic wildfires.

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