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Prescribed Fire Metrics of Success

Funded by Terraffirm

Project Overview

Point Blue Conservation Science will leverage their network of partners to identify the motivations, barriers and metrics which affect the success of prescribed burning on private lands and will share this information with land managers and agency partners.


Point Blue’s biologists support private landowners in managing fire risk and recovery in several ways, including connecting landowners to financial and technical assistance programs, planning fuel management and recovery activities, and collecting ecological data to help guide decision making. This year they will be supporting prescribed burns in five counties (Yolo, Shasta, Sonoma, San Mateo, and Nevada). These burns will be planned and implemented in collaboration with private landowners, CalFire, local burn associations and other local agencies and NGOs. In order to increase the impact of these prescribed burns, Point Blue will design and implement surveys and semi-structured interviews with members of the prescribed fire community and will share this information in a written report and presentations.


A firefighter watches a burning vegetation pile

SRC: Chris Wonderly


Prescribed fire in Kaibab National Forest 

SRC: Dyan Bone

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